Before Installing OpenProdoc

The minimum necessary to use OpenProdoc is a Database and a Java environ JVM 1.6 o higher. The database will contain all the information about configuration of OPD and all the metadata of the documents. Depending on where you prefer to store the documents, it can be used a folder in the computer or a table in the same database.

Regarding to access the documents, for the Swing client (the thick client used for administration and access to documents) there are no aditional requirements. For the web client, an application server J2EE is required.

Although you can not test all combinations of systems, it will attempt to collect all possible information and to document to avoid problems. In that sense it would be welcomed any information about combinations tested and errors found. The system is designed using a minimum of instructions and avoiding proprietary features, so it should work in most environments. A combination not listed here does not mean that it does not function.

Tested Environments:



Application Servers:


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