Groups Maintenance

When selected in the form Groups List one of the options to add, delete, modify or copy the Group will appear this form with different fields on or off.

This form contains the information:

Screenshot MantGroups Web

During the creation of Group can only be enter name and description. To add users or groups should be saved and modified later.

During the modification is not possible to change the name of the Group, as it is the element that uniquely identifies it.

When you delete the Group, all elements are disabled. Only appear to allow verification of information prior to deletion.

Screenshot MantGroups

Should be noted that a group can contains other groups and so on indefinitely, so that it can be structured the representation of the organization. You can also include a group in several groups, so that for example can be a group "Consultants in Cambridge" and included in the groups "Cambridge" and "Consultants". Similarly you can create a group "Cambridge Managers" is included in the groups "Managers" and "Cambridge". This allows you to assign permissions and access to the necessary elements in a simple and flexible way.

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