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This form allows to search documents by a combination of different criteria. After selecting the document's type, the metadata specific for that type and the metadata common to all the document types will be showed

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Besides the specific metadata of the document type, it's possible always to search by a combination of:

In addition to metadata, there are three options that can be activated and whose effect on the search is as follows:

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always select the more restrictive criteria possible to obtain a small number of results. Otherwise the search may take a long time and cause problems due to excess of results.

Pressing OK start searching for documents that meet the specified criterior and return a list. On that list, selecting a document, can perform the same operations that on a selected document in a folder.

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After searching the documents, it's possible to generate a report of the results, selecting a report. In the Web version, the reports appears in another tab, in Swing version, in a popup window.

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