Objects Definition Maintenance

When selected in the form Objects Definition List one of the options to add, delete, modify or copy the Object Definition will appear this form with different fields on or off.

The information is structured in 3 areas (the object definition and two tabs with atributes definition). The first contains the document type definition, the second, the metadata assigned to this type, and the third one this type document metadata inherited from all ancestors. Metadata is the sum total of the type-specific metadata and inherited. In turn, all these metadata are transmitted to the descendants of the current types of documents.

The type definition consists of several stages. You must first create the base definition, metadata can be added later (in the second tab), and finally, after confirming the definition and saving it, reopen and create the type in the repository (via the Create button) to store documents of that type.

This form contains the information:

Screenshot MantObjDef Web

Screenshot MantObjDef

To keep the definition of a documentary type in the second tab you can add, delete or modify the definition of metadata Metadata Maintenance. After creating the document type in the repository, from version 0.8 onwards it is possible to add or delete attributes.By using the 2 buttons at the top right of the list of attributes, you can add a new attribute or delete an existing one. It should be noted that it is an operation that can not be undone and that affects documents already stored, so it should always be available an updated backup. should be noted that you can not create new metadata with unique keys or required, as it would have no initial or diferent value.

Screenshot MantObjDef2 Web

Screenshot MantObjDef2

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