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Software management for OpenProdoc 1.0

Software Management OpenProdoc (SMO) is an extension of OpenProdoc that facilitates the management of documentation related to development projects for the entire life cycle of a product, including development, management, deployment, obsolescence and incidents.

SMO Products 1.0

SMO stores all documents and folders in OpenProdoc, as well as document types, folder types, users, list of terms and any other elements and settings, being just a optimized interface to manage all the information needed to develop and use software products. As it is an additional interface, most (not all) operations can be performed from the OpenProdoc interface, both systems being complementary. SMO can be configured in most of its elements.

A company or department that uses or develops software, will develop, or will use to develop or deploy, some Products, whose responsibility will reside in different Departments of the company, or will be provided by external Software Companies. During the life of the Products, different Versions of the Products will be developed and installed. Those Versions will have issues, problems, or errors that can be handled as Issues.

The SMO interface has 3 main areas:

The menu is fixed and always shows the same buttons:

Dependencies Tree

Dependencies Tree

Dependencies Tree